During Term 1, 2011 we decided to stick to our fave reading habits - reading books with supernatural themes. Vampires are still a popular subject of choice but they have now been joined by books about werewolves and faeries. And the vampire myths seem to get ever more intricate. here are some of our fave books and authors:

The Mortal Instruments series (Cassandra Clare)
City of Bones external image city-of-bones.jpg, City of Ashes external image city-of-ashes.jpg, City of Glass external image city-of-glass.jpg City of Fallen Angels external image city-of-fallen-angels.jpg
Really different to other series - vampires are actually the enemy here. Still has a love triangle (Jace, Clary, Simon)
Setting different - New York
Mythology - main leader of lycanthropes (Lucian); Shadowhunters (Angel like quality), dark Faerie world
Demon energy - flying cycles

Vampire Knight (Japanese manga series)

Different - Vampire hierarchy more complex - still a love triangle
Yuki - not quite Rose (Vampire Academy)
Now an anime sewries on ABC 3

The Drake Chronicles (Vampires)
Characters are great
Each book presents a different point of view (human; vampire)
Romance with vampire hunter

The Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)
Old fashioned - not about blood lust
Mytholpogy - history of vampires - interesting

Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead)
Modern - epic love story - Rsoe/Dmitri - Adrian
More changes, more unexpected - lots of action (moe than Twilight) - more twists
Characters more alive, real and credible - stronger female characters

Different - about genetics more than supernatural
About a secret werewolf society wolf takes over hunam side - mythology and legend
Complex - in temrs of shapeshifting- more about connecting with friends
Highly/pack society of werewolves
Girl - in between Bella & Rose