Our library blogs:

**The Reading Room** - for all our fave books, authors and excursions

**The Graphic Shelf** - for our fave graphic novels and comics

Some great Book Trailer sites:

**Book Trailers for Readers** - to see book trailers created by other students around the world

**Book Trailers for All** - to find out more about making trailers

Useful resources for Creating Trailers:

ACMI Storyboard Generator - Useful resource for free images and film clips:

Freesound: great site for sounds to be used in conjunction with film clips

**ANIMOTO** - A great site for creating a trailer - includes music, images, text and presentation format - easy to use too!!

Useful documentation:

Storyboard - from BFTA site (Book Trailers for All) cited above

Book Trailer Presentation document

for use with Windows Movie Maker

Attributions checklist for use with Windows Movie Maker
for use with Animoto

Animoto attributions & reflections